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White Label Telecoms

Sell Line Rentals, Calls, Broadband, Leased Lines + More

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WLR3 Line Rental, Calls & Itemised Billing


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Wholesale Broadband


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Wholesale Leased Lines

  • Run your own telecom company
  • Resell broadband connections
  • Your brand, not ours
  • Install and transfer UK phone lines
  • Openreach supplied and supported lines
  • Fully itemised billing
  • Billing your customers made easy
  • Paperless operation
  • Design your own retail prices
  • Invoice your own clients
  • Own your own customer base
  • Industry leading pre and post sales tools
  • Access wholesale leased line pricing
  • Fax to Email / Email to Fax
  • Outbound SMS Services
  • Plus More...

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White Label Telecom Reseller
White Label Telecom Reseller

As a telecom reseller we provide you with a white label platform where you are in full control of setting prices, rebranding the service as your own, and providing the standards of support you would like to receive. We provide you the facilities to achieve this using our wholesale platform and pricing. This gives you the ability to sell phone lines, as well as broadband connectivity. Connectivitity can be as basic as an ADSL connection or as advanced as a leased line.

WLR3 Openreach Phone Lines
WLR3 Openreach Phone Lines

We operate on a level playing field with the largest telecom providers in the country. ICUK is one of a handful of companies who have completed direct integration into Openreach. Not only does this allow us to supply PSTN and ISDN lines, it means we can allow our resellers to manage these lines in complete automation from booking appointments, tracking engineers and seeing notes. You are in the driving seat with our platform, written entirely in-house.

Line Rental Features

Broadband Reseller Included
Broadband & Leased Line Facilities Included

Included as standard within the Telecom's Reseller is a complete portfolio of broadband facilities. This gives you the ability to sell and support premium broadband solutions to your customers alongside your phone lines. You will have access to a complete portfolio ADSL, FTTC, G.Fast, FTTP, FTTPoD, and leased lines from multiple carriers.

Broadband Features

Itemised Billing As Standard
Itemised Billing As Standard

One of the biggest barriers to entry in the telecom market place is cost of billing. We have tried to keep costs as low as possible by developing our own itemised billing platform. As a reseller your clients can login to a brandable control panel and access daily itemised calls, graphical statistics, and call interrogation facilities. It helps cut down paper waste, and ensures you don't need to spend money on expensive third party applications.

Wholesale Calls Facilities

Design Your Own Tariffs
Design Your Own Tariffs

We have designed a very unique method of billing resellers which allows you to compete on price, and not be hindered by our own margins. We also allow you to design an unlimited number of tariffs to meet your own customers needs. You setup rates depending the customer, time of day, and even set highly profitable call connection charges if you desire. By default you can operate with per second billing and no hidden costs.

Bonus Features
Bonus Features

To complement our portfolio of traditional wholesale line rentals, phone calls, and broadband, our resellers can access Outbound SMS and Fax to Email / Email to Fax services as well. Your customers can interact with all of the services you resell via a single control panel interface which also helps you ensure you convey the right image (rebranding is an option without any additional costs) without appearing to be a typical reseller.

Step 1: Request Information

Request Information & Pricing

We want to make sure you are fully informed of our wholesale pricing, contract commitments, and answers to frequently asked questions before you sign-up to our platform. Make a request for additional information and we will send you an online login to an information portal where you can experience first hand what makes our platform special, as well as see information on pricing.

If you are happy with what you see, then you can proceed to sign-up to our platform. The sign-up process will capture billing information as well as allowing you to agree to our terms of business. You will receive access to your reseller account the same working day.


Step 2: Credit Checks

Basic ID & Credit Checks

We will ask you to complete basic ID checks (to help prove you are who you say you are), and we will complete a credit check on your business. In addition a small refundable deposit will be requested to be held on account with us. This is kept small and achievable for most new resellers. Since introduction of these checks we have managed to keep fraud low, which ultimately is benefit to all our resellers. This step is purely to access the telecom functionality of our platform.

Sole traders and newly created businesses needn't be fearful. We want to work with you, and give you every opportunity to turn your business into a success. We are happy to go on that journey with you, so don't let our checks or the fear of deposits distract you.

Step 3: Free Training

Hit the ground running with free one-to-one training

Regardless of whether you are new to the industry, or an established telecoms reseller moving to us, we want to make sure you get the most from our platform. Within the control panel you will find a multitude of help files to help you get started, but equally we are only a phone call or email away to help guide you. If you think it will be of added benefit, we do offer free one-to-one portal training for you and your staff from our head office in South London. Here we can walk you through the basics from both a sales and support perspective.

Step 4: Design Tariffs

Set the Rates You Wish to Charge Your Customers

Our control panel allows you to set tariffs for all the products you sell, whether that be lines, calls, broadband or hosting. Once a tariff has been set you and your customer can be clear on the charges applied. Tariffs can generally be created in minutes and either applied on an individual basis (ie to meet a customers specific needs) or applied across multiple customers (eg bronze, silver, gold). We do not dictate the retail prices you sell at, and likewise you do not need to hit any form of spend or sales commitment.

Step 5: Place Orders

Place & Manage Orders Online

As a telecom reseller you are effectively operating as your own telco. We are providing you with the facilities and tools to see orders through start to finish whether this be switching phone calls from another carrier, transferring phone lines, or arranging the installation of new lines from scratch. The control panel is fully automated and presents you with the information you need to know.

Telecoms can be a mine field of jargon and complicated procedures which have been built up over time. We have tried as hard as we can to simplify the processes and procedures you need to follow in order to support your customers. This has only been possible due to the fact we have designed and developed it entirely in-house.

Step 6: Invoice & Support

Bill & Support Your Own Customers

At the end of the month the statements section of the control panel will confirm to you what you need to invoice your clients for. Our online control panels present your clients with instant access to itemised calls without the need of unnecessary, environmentally unfriendly and expensive printing each month. Instead it should be as simple as raising an invoice for the amounts listed within the 'Statements' section of your control panel.

The reseller is responsible for collecting payments, and any associated debt.

Your customers will contact you as the first line of support. It is your responsibility to provide this to them. Should they have questions you are unable to answer, or faults that require escalation, you can call or email us. All our support is housed in-house within the UK. Calls are answered in seconds and emails within minutes.

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