Resell Leased Lines

Powerful Automation to Quote, Order and Track Leased Lines

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Leased Lines

Confidence to Quote & Deliver Ethernet Services With Ease

Leased lines have presented an area of significant growth for our resellers. Falling rental costs coupled with resellers demanding higher speeds and greater reliability, have sparked a boom in sales. To help cater for this growth we have developed tools to ensure that our resellers can access competitive wholesale prices in seconds, generate quotes to their customers with ease, as well as the ability to order and track orders with absolute confidence of its progress.

Generate Quotes In Seconds
  • Quotes from 7 nationwide carriers
  • Pick bearer size, delivery speed, contract length & technology
  • Access quotes in seconds
  • Set and save your retail prices
  • Generate a PDF quote with your branding and retail prices
  • Access failover and resilient quote options
  • Online order submission

Track & View Real-Time Order Updates
  • Designed to keep customers informed and expectations managed
  • We don't update you via weekly spreadsheets or conference calls
  • Information is relayed in real-time via email
  • All updates can be viewed online via an order history page
  • We set milestones with realistic timescales to keep all parties informed
  • Graphical representation to show you how the order is progressing
  • Plain English is used throughout the order process

Integrate Quoting Tool Into Your Website
  • Allow customers and potential customers instant prices
  • Feeds from your tariffs, and thus prices include your mark-up
  • Provide your sales team with warm leads to follow up
  • Send copies of quotes to your customer via email
  • Uses our latest REST API
  • Lots of code pre-written for easy integration

Layer 2 Handoff
  • Designed for customers with their own networks
  • Generate quotes, place and track orders as you normally would
  • Customer traffic is passed to your network
  • Share our economies of scale with our carriers
  • Benefit from additional discounts on on wholesale leased line pricing