Leased Line Quoting Tool

Available As Standard Across All Our Reseller Platforms

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Leased Line Quoting

Generate Branded Leased Line Quotes in Minutes

Our in-house developed leased line quoting tool has been designed to be so incredibly easy to use, quotes can be issued to your clients in minutes. It takes the traditional concept of quoting, and makes it effortless and fast. The primary function is to facilitate you with a wholesale cost. As a secondary function provide you can generate a retail, branded, quote for your clients. All within less than 60 seconds. Ready to place an order? Yes, you can do that too! Then you can track the order... and manage it. It's everything you could want from a wholesale leased line platform and more.

Line Type

Step 1: Select The Leased Line Type Required


Typically used to provide secure high speed links between two sites. Example applications include file sharing between site offices, or for the implementation of a secure communication channel for VoIP. The traffic doesn't touch the Internet ensuring visibility of data is limited to your network. We have a choice of 3 carriers to pick from including Openreach EAD circuits.

With Internet Access

With Internet Access
Connected to the Internet through the ICUK network your connection will be supplied with guaranteed uncontended bandwidth you can depend upon around the clock. A leased line with Internet access is the ultimate form of connectivity for your business regardless of size or location. We have a choice of 3 carriers and 3 types of leased line technology for delivery across the UK.

We can supply connections either as standard single links, or more complex resilient solutions. These can be as elaborate as offering diversity utilising mutliple exchanges, and multiple data centres within ICUK's network. Or, as simple as automatic failover to a broadband connection.

Customer & Tariff

Step 2: Customer & Tariff Selection

As an option you can choose to assign a quote to a customer, and specify a set tariff. This will make the process of searching and quoting your customers easier, however you can choose to skip if required. The customers drop down list is made up of the customers you already store in the control panel. They can't see the quotes you save against their name, it is purely provided as a reference point in the results produced.

An unlimited number of tariffs can be created. They provide a simple standardised method for applying a retail mark-up to the wholesale price we generate. By using this, even your most junior of staff can be empowered to generate prices, safe in the knowledge that you will be quoting with the correct margins applied.

Product Selection

Step 3: Speed, Delivery & Contract Options

  1. Postcode
    Automatically entered if you picked a customer from the previous stage.
  2. Carrier
    Select the carriers you wish to quote against
  3. Select bearer speed
    The larger the bearer the greater the scope you have to increase speeds at a later date.
  4. How fast would you like your connection to be
    What is the committed speed you require from your bearer initially?
  5. Select technology
    We have a selection of EFM, GEA / EoFTTC, full Fibre & Wireless technologies to pick from.
  6. Contract Length
    Choose a contract length to match your needs. Longer term contracts benefit from cheaper or free installations.
  7. Multiple Quotes
    Click on the 'add another' to allow you to instantly request another price comparison to this postcode saving your time and making comparisons quicker.


Step 4: Understanding Your Quotes

The results are now presented to you for the options you have requested. Using the various tabs at the top you can make the process of understanding and comparing easier as you flick between the technologies or contract options.

Like the look of a quote? Simply click on 'view' and you will be provided with a break down of the product in terms of the speed, contract and price including annual, quarterly, monthly and daily variations. We feel this is important for you to see pricing in this manner as some customers will expect, and are used to dealing with annual subscriptions. Others, who are perhaps more price sensitive, or are comparing leased lines to traditional broadband, may prefer the concept of daily charges which may be more palatable or easier to work into a business model.

Saved Quotes

Step 5: Set Retail Pricing & Generate Branded Quote

Beside each quote is a tick box. Select the quotes you like the look of, and select the 'save quote' button at the bottom. These quotes will be saved and accessible via the leased line page mentioned above at the start.

Branded Quotes

Step 6: Instantly Provide a Branded PDF

The main aim of this tool is to allow you to very quickly and confidently generate quotes for your clients without the need to spend time drawing up a professional looking quote. The result is you can email a PDF, with your branding and retail prices applied, within less than a minute.

In terms of branding, here is what you can control:

  1. Logo
    Specify a URL for your logo to include. This can either be a high resolution JPG or PNG, or for best reproduction use an SVG which will work perfectly on a PDF.
  2. Quote Text
    The text below the quote results can be your own. We provide you a text box you can enter your own wording which can be applied by default to all quotes, or specific for this customer. The text can be altered further with the use of basic HTML tags.
  3. CSS Styles
    All elements within the quote are controlled using CSS styles. By adapting our standard styles you can apply changes to the colours, fonts and font sizes to name a few.