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Broadband, Leased Lines, Telecoms & Web Hosting

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Wholesale Broadband


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Wholesale Leased Lines


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Line Rental, Calls & Itemised Billing


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Unlimited Windows & Linux Hosting

  • Run your own ISP
  • Access xDSL and Fibre technologies
  • Design your own retail tariffs
  • Create unlimited Windows accounts
  • Pay a fixed fee, regardless of numbers
  • Professional unlimited email facilities
  • Create unlimited Linux accounts
  • House unlimited domain names
  • Sell line rentals and phone calls
  • Resell Leased Lines
  • 1 control panel to access everything
  • Your customers don't know about ICUK

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Resell Broadband and Leased Lines
Resell Broadband & Leased Lines

You can access our complete broadband and leased line portfolio to sell as your own. We have an extensive range of unlimited ADSL, FTTC and FTTP connections, complimented by high-end ultrafast Ethernet leased lines. We put you in the driving seat with real time control over ordering and in-life changes and diagnostics.

Wholesale Broadband Functionality

Wholesale Telecoms
Wholesale Telecoms

We provide you with the facilities to enter the telecom market. You have the ability to sell Openreach based PSTN, ISDN 2 and ISDN 30 lines. Likewise the calls made on these lines will route from us, and to help manage them we provide fully itemised billing and tariff management tools. It's an incredibly powerful platform which sees you own the customer contracts, and thus add value to your business.

Wholesale Lines & Calls

Unlimited Linux Website Hosting
Unlimited Linux Hosting

Operating on the Ubuntu Linux platform, resellers can sell web hosting facilities on the Linux platform. This is the most popular hosting platform providing support for a wide range of scripts and databases including PHP, Perl and HTML. Unlimited MySQL databases can be created and managed through phpMyAdmin.

Linux Hosting Reseller

Unlimited Windows Website Hosting
Unlimited Windows Hosting

As an Enterprise Reseller you can create as many Windows hosting accounts as you like without additional charges. Our Windows platform supports scripting languages such as PHP, ASP and .NET, and you can provide support for Access, MySQL and MS SQL 2017 database.

Windows Hosting Reseller

Apply Your own Branding
Apply Your own Branding

In crowded market places your branding is important to enable you to be noticed and trusted. Everything you see for sale has been designed and developed in-house including our famous control panel. It is this panel, using a HTML template engine, allows you to rebrand everything your customer interacts with as your own. What's more, we don't charge you a penny to add your stamp to it!

Windows Label Branding Overview

Support your Own Customers
Support your Own Customers

As a reseller you are expected to manage your own customers. We provide you the tools and training to do so well, however in the event you have a fault or query which you cannot answer, we are available for you on the phone and via email. The first people you speak to are trained engineers without the need to press digits, or work your way through escalation processes. We provide you with quick, simple, and honest support.

Reseller Support

Step 1: Request Information

Request Information & Pricing

We want to make sure you are fully informed of our wholesale pricing, contract commitments, and answers to frequently asked questions before you sign-up to our platform. Make a request for additional information and we will send you an online login to an information portal where you can experience first hand what makes our platform special, as well as see information on pricing.

If you are happy with what you see, then you can proceed to sign-up to our platform. The sign-up process will capture billing information as well as allowing you to agree to our terms of business. You will receive access to your reseller account the same working day.


Step 2: Credit Checks

Basic ID & Credit Checks

For Telecoms Only - These checks are solely for the telecoms element of the platform, you can still access all other elements regardless.

We will ask you to complete basic ID checks (to help prove you are who you say you are), and we will complete a credit check on your business. In addition a small refundable deposit will be requested to be held on account with us. This is kept small and achievable for most new resellers. Since introduction of these checks we have managed to keep fraud low, which ultimately is benefit to all our resellers. This step is purely to access the telecom functionality of our platform.

Sole traders and newly created businesses needn't be fearful. We want to work with you, and give you every opportunity to turn your business into a success. We are happy to go on that journey with you, so don't let our checks or the fear of deposits distract you.

Step 3: Free Training

Hit the Ground Running With Free One-to-One Training

Regardless of whether you are new to the industry, or an established reseller moving to us, we want to make sure you get the most from our platform. Within the control panel you will find a multitude of help files to help you get started, but equally we are only a phone call or email away to help guide you. If you think it will be of added benefit, we do offer free one-to-one portal training for you and your staff from our head office in South London. Here we can walk you through the basics from both a sales and support perspective.

Step 4: Invoice & Support

Bill & Support Your Own Customers

It is your responsibility to bill your customers and provide first level support. Our control panel has been designed to provide you with the tools and diagnostics that you will need. ICUK is available to you on the phone and via email for further assistance with faults, technical challenges and for advice.

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